What is the average weight for women?

The average weight for women is akin to most things in life – we come in all shapes and sizes.  Some women are blessed with fantastic to-die-for genetics and are able to maintain a slim silhouette throughout most of their lives and others have a tendency to struggle with their weight no matter what they do.  Such is life; but surely there must be an average weight for women where all of us can feel and look good in our own skin and can successfully maintain an ideal weight range.

Looking good at the average weight for women

Each woman feels differently about the way she looks.  Depending on the fashion trends of the season, women may feel that they need to shed a few pounds in order to wear the newest styles well.  Every woman wants to look amazing in a little cocktail dress or in a bikini at the beach but what if being at the average weight for women is not achievable for you?  If that’s the case, your main aim should be to be healthy inside and out.

The first step to a healthy, average weight for women

It’s essential to be aware of the state of your health.  A medical doctor can inform you on what is the average weight for women of your particular age group, and if need be, design a course of action to get you to a realistic and comfortable weight which you and your body will be happy with.  In order to keep our health stable, it makes sense that all women should aim to be within the acceptable average weight for women.